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CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) – The new Christkindlmarkt and outdoor ice rink in the city of Carmel are boosting local businesses with German heritage and wares.

City leaders held a special preview day Monday at Festival Square, located between the Palladium and Tarkington theaters in downtown Carmel. The official opening date of the market and the ice rink is Saturday, November 18.

City of Carmel leaders say a day of marching band is planned, including a performance by the Alphorn Group, a collection of four alphorn players from Michigan.

“I’m a retired librarian,” smiles John Griffith, a member of the group of interpreters. “I found my way to music after many years.”

Griffith explained how he and his friends organized a German band “just for fun”, and watched it grow and diversify in terms of members and instruments. When a member came carrying a nearly 12-foot wooden alphorn, Griffith says he was initially apprehensive.

“It was his fault,” laughed Griffith. “It kind of infected the band and now there are 12 of us in the band playing the alphorn.”

Griffith tells stories of playing for crowds as diverse as biker gangs to rocks and trees in the woods. He says it has been an adventure to make “friends” with the instrument and hopes to share that with the people of Carmel.

“We hope that when we play here we will have the opportunity to be there and take pictures,” he said. “And I have plenty of sanitizer and we’re happy to let them play the instrument and try it out.”

Griffith and the Alphorn Band will perform at the grand opening where business owners like Heidi Wernicke will share her legacy.

“My sister and I are of German origin. My dad was born in East Germany in 1947 and then immigrated to the United States, so we’re excited to share German treats and make some people happy,” said Heidi Wernicke, co-owner of The Quirky Feather Confectionery.

Wernicke says that although she and her sister don’t speak German, they cook from their great-grandmother’s old German cookbook published in 1902. She says she has her favorites but has prepared a feast for the visitors.

Gingerbread is always good for the soul,” Wernicke said. “We have all kinds of sweets, gingerbread cookies and houses, spiced almond cookies, cinnamon stars, waffle cookie with caramel in the middle.”

Come Saturday, she’ll join the army of stores transforming a downtown Carmel plaza into a European party.

“I really want people to be able to walk away from Christkindlmarkt and experience another culture,” said Maria Murphy, Market Master and CEO of Christkindlmarkt, while demonstrating several market products, including a compatible German music box. Bluetooth, wooden ornaments and animals. , classic nutcrackers and personalized German souvenirs Carmel, IN.

Murphy also explained several freebies associated with the event, including a drawstring for visitors who register on Yelp!, Christkindlmarkt scarves for volunteers, and goody bags for children who complete the market scavenger hunt. .

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