Is German heritage still strong in the three states?

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The smell of kraut is in the air across Indiana with Strassenfest and Volksfest both beginning Thursday.

The men dusted off their Lederhosen and the women their Dirndls in a bid to celebrate their German heritage at festivals.

German heritage was once strong in this area, especially when men, women and children immigrated to Indiana over 100 years ago.

Clubs like Germania Maennerchor were started as a place where immigrants gathered to socialize and be with others who spoke their language, drank and ate together, and helped each adjust to America while tasting a little at home.

This area had German owned and operated stores, bakeries, butchers and at one time there was a German newspaper, the Wochentlicher Evansville Demokrat.

Even though celebrations like Strassenfest, Volksfest and Oktoberfest all take place every year, are people really going to celebrate their German heritage or are they just going to party?

Kelly Austin of Eyewitness News, who herself has German ancestry, asked her fellow Germans if they felt the local German heritage was still strong or was being lost from generation to generation.

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