Can an unemployed person take a loan?

From year to year, loans are increasingly available to customers – you can take them over the internet, by phone or even by text. We are also getting to us faster and faster, because loan companies, responding to the needs of their clients, send borrowers express transfers that can be on the account within a few minutes of granting payday loans.


Is the loan for everyone, or can only a person with stable income afford it?

Is the loan for everyone, or can only a person with stable income afford it?

After all, it is those who have lost their jobs that need the most immediate financial assistance. Of course, a person without fixed income is not always unemployed – he can work under a contract for specific work or have other legal income, e.g. from rent or alimony. However, such people may also need payday pay.


What about this situation? Is there a loan for the unemployed?

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However, it turns out that some loan companies do not require providing and documenting their income, but only of legal age, possession of a valid ID card and Polish citizenship. Despite the lack of stable income, you should also have a positive credit history.

It should be remembered, however, that timely repayment is the most important thing in taking out a loan, which is why people with no stable income need to take out loans carefully only if they are sure that they will be able to repay them in the near future. Another option sometimes used by the loan companies that grant credit to the unemployed is a surety by another person to secure it.

As you can see, loan companies are increasingly willing to open up to different clients. It would be a paradox to grant loans only to financially stable people, but those without permanent work more often need extra cash.

Loans for the unemployed are also a new way to take a small amount with a short repayment period, most companies providing loans for the unemployed have quota limits of $ 300-700.