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Pieces of German history that have sold by the thousands on star pawns

On May 6, 1937, the LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire over Lakehurst, New Jersey, while attempting to land. The German-made zeppelin had already made numerous successful transatlantic voyages, but this would sadly be his last – as well as one he will remember forever. More than 30 passengers lost their lives.

As seen in the Pawn stars In the episode, a man named Jim owned several pieces of the doomed airship – “part of the structure, and the fabric, and part of the tail,” as Rick noted. They were passed to him by his father, who was part of security that disastrous night. Rick is very impressed with the small collection – especially the tailpiece, because that’s where the fire started. Also interesting is the telegram that Jim’s dad sent after he had a chance to relax after what must have been a long and exhausting night: According to Rick, that part alone “nearly doubled in value. “.

And speaking of value, Rick and Jim know what needs to happen: price negotiation. The seller kicks it off at $ 20,000, but Rick skillfully brings it down to $ 11,000 and closes the deal. Framing the whole thing with the telegram as the centerpiece makes for a lovely display – a German or American history buff would be lucky to have.

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