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German heritage? Here’s how to get the “world’s most powerful passport”.

If you have German parents or grandparents, this dream might be easier than you think. Together with Schlun & Elseven Lawyers, we take a look at the benefits of obtaining German citizenship by descent, the value of this passport and explain how you can get one.

Start your journey towards German citizenship by descent by verifying your eligibility with Schlun and Elseven Lawyers.

A great place to live

Germany is known around the world as a first world nation with a very high standard of living. Social services, education and health care are all among the best in the world in the rankings. While taxes may seem high compared to other countries, these taxes are reinvested in the community, with quality support services available to everyone.

Education is a concern for many parents, and those with German passports have access to top-quality education at some of the world’s largest universities without the student debt that can be accumulated elsewhere. Support for the elderly is also second to none, with excellent facilities for those in need of 24-hour care.

German citizenship not only allows people to take advantage of these very useful services, but also plays a role in deciding the future of the country. German citizens can of course vote in State (city), Bundesland (state) and Bundestag (federal) elections, helping to take important decisions in a wide range of areas.

A good passport to have

The benefits of German citizenship extend not only to the services that all citizens can access. A German passport is not only considered the strongest passport in the world in the Arton Capital 2021 Passport Index, but it is also your key to Europe.

Holding a German passport allows the bearer not only to travel or settle throughout the European Union, but also to travel visa-free throughout the “Schengen area”. This removes a lot of the paperwork associated with travel and allows for spontaneity of travel and a choice that many passports simply don’t allow.

Anyone who has traveled to Europe and watched EU passport holders go through arrivals at the airport will also find that holding a German passport is a huge time saver. In fact, German citizens can travel throughout the “Schengen area” without a passport, only needing their Ausweis (identity card).

Do you have a family link with Germany? Why not check whether you are entitled to German nationality by descent with Schlun and Elseven Avocats?

A German passport (Photo: Pixabay)

A track to explore

For a long time, German nationality by descent was a rather limited route. However, over the past few decades there has been a significant easing of restrictions and there are now several paths for those whose parent or grandparent was or is a German citizen.

Proving this can be a long process, but it is worth it. Those seeking German citizenship by descent will need to have a considerable amount of documentation ready, including documents such as your passport, your ancestor’s passport, all marriage certificates, and your birth certificate.

Collecting these documents will take some work, and there may be some anxiety as to how the process will unfold. Just like many other places, bureaucracy is a complex thing, and you will not be able to receive specific and guided assistance from the German embassy or consulate to which you are submitting your application.

This is why a good German immigration lawyer is very helpful not only in streamlining the process but also in allaying any fears you might have. They can ensure that your documents meet the requirements of German law and also ensure that your request is processed in a timely manner.

Schlun and Elseven Lawyers are one of Germany’s most respected law firms dealing with German citizenship by descent. They have offices across the country, with a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in helping people of German descent obtain their citizenship.

To help you on your journey towards German citizenship by descent, Schlun and Elseven Lawyers have created an eligibility checker. A series of guided questions helps you understand whether you are eligible for German citizenship by descent. If you are eligible, their site can determine the way forward, then help you begin the process by making initial contact with a Schlun and Elseven Lawyers office near you.

German citizenship has many incredible benefits. If you think that you might be entitled to it by family descent, why not study the possibility? Visit the Schlun and Elseven Lawyers page today to learn more and start your journey to living in Germany!

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