German heritage brand FALKE launches online store in six US states

SCHMALLENBERG, Germany – June 14, 2021 – Quality, craftsmanship and innovation have always been the fundamental maxims of FALKE. FALKE products are available in the best department stores and specialty stores around the world. After strong growth in digital business in Europe, the next step is to enter the US market with the full line of products online. Socks and tights designed in Germany and produced in FALKE factories in Europe are shipped directly from the central warehouse in Schmallenberg, Sauerland. Deliveries are initially made to the six populated states of California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

The range includes tights for men, women and children, as well as a wide selection of functional sports socks. Highlights include the FALKE Luxury Line socks made of particularly high quality materials, such as cashmere, camel and silk. FALKE products are characterized by the highest quality materials, which are carefully processed in the various stages of production. Timeless and modern products for everyday life and special moments are created. Characteristics are the excellent fit and the exceptional choice of materials.

Founded in 1895, FALKE can boast a varied and eventful business history. FALKE has been run as a family business since the fourth generation and has grown into an internationally active family business. Our expertise in high quality tights and fashion is recognized around the world. It is the result of a long process that has led from the artisanal tradition, through the particular skills of a manufacture, to industrial production. The idea was and still is to offer uniqueness in series.

This idea is based on a solid base of values: unconditional quality, know-how of the highest quality and constant innovation accompanied by a filigree specialization, a creative design and last but not least a continuity and absolute reliability.

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System

The FALKE ergonomic sports system is a concept aimed at optimally supporting each athlete and achieving their individual goals. Ergonomic products in sport adapt to the shape of the body, facilitate movement sequences and create optimal climatic conditions on the body. They also protect during prolonged practice of a sport and prevent injuries. The systematic combination of function, comfort, innovation and design characterizes unique FALKE products.

The focus is on running, hiking, biking and skiing with a wide range of functional socks and underwear.

Posted on June 15, 2021

Source: Falke