The Bristol Press – Celebrating German Heritage in Bristol


BRISTOL — The Immanuel Lutheran Church’s annual German Festival returned with beer, traditional food, entertainment and more on Friday and Saturday.

“I love it,” Karen Miller said. “My mother went to school here. The music is my favorite part. I love Ooompa. It lifts my spirits. »

Miller said she had the opportunity to visit Germany in the past while serving in the Navy and enjoyed attending festivals overseas. She also said that her family had been members of the church for many years.

“The food is really good and the potato pancakes are great,” said visitor Sheila Rickard and Miller’s friend. “The sauerkraut tastes homemade. I come to support my friends.

“We have a great team of volunteers who come together every year to set this up. It’s a feat,” said festival president Rhoda Lange. “We have a church that is over 125 years old and a day school that has been running for a very long time. The members have always had some kind of German meal every year. We called it sauerkraut supper. About seven years ago we decided that we were a German church with a German heritage and we wanted to share it outside.

She said the church members then decided to create an annual festival and pushed it to grow every year.

Among the events this year was a mug holding contest. A tankard is often considered a large tankard to hold beer. Participants held a full one for as long as they could. German-American festival band Alpine Squeeze provided the music for the weekend. A section for sellers has been reserved. A life-size board game was available for children as well as an inflatable obstacle course.

“This is the sixth annual festival,” said Pastor Kevin Karner. “We’re thrilled because every year we’ve added something new and the crowds have followed. We feel like we’re established now and it was something we probably should have done a long time ago. He was well received by the community and we were grateful for the wonderful weather. This is our first year for the children’s area.

Published in The Bristol Press, Bristol on Saturday September 18, 2021 9:46 PM. Update: Saturday September 18, 2021 9:49 PM.