Facts About Real People From Anna’s Invention

Some of them definitely should have been in the series.

If you watched Invent Annayou’ve probably done an extensive search or two on the internet looking for more facts about the people involved.

Here are 16 more facts about real people featured in Invent Annaand TBH, I think they are proof that we need a season 2 ASAP:


After her release from prison, Anna began filming her own docuseries.


She’s also dabbling in art and has made a post-prison comeback on Instagram with a series of sketches.


Anna was returned to prison just six weeks after her initial release.


She was picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after overstaying her visa, which she said was “unintentional and largely beyond my control”.

Anna recently started posting on Instagram from police custody. If she loses her case, she will be deported to Germany.


Anna and several other inmates are currently suing ICE in an ACLU lawsuit, claiming they all contracted COVID-19 because they were denied booster shots.


Before Anna started her scamming career, she went to Central Saint Martins, an elite fashion college in London.

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She never graduated and instead moved to Paris, where she landed an internship at Purple magazine. During her internship, she traveled to New York for Fashion Week and fell in love with the city.

Anna was able to transfer to Purple’s New York office and assumed the Anna Delvey persona shortly thereafter.


Anna now has a relationship with her parents and says she talks to them several times a week, although she admits they are confused by her fame.

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“I talk to my parents a few times a week, and I guess they’re learning to deal with the whole situation,” she told Insider.

Anna went on to say that their relationship as depicted in Invent Anna was quite accurate. “I don’t feel like my parents were really involved in day-to-day life,” she said. “Sometimes they didn’t even know what country I would be in. There would definitely be times [when] they didn’t know if I was in Paris, Germany or the United States.


Neff Davis, who has remained close to Anna, said she never felt betrayed by Anna’s deception, and of all that happened, was the most upset Anna had ever given her. never said she needed a place to stay.


“Honestly, I was more upset that she didn’t tell me about her living situation, because I thought to myself that if we were friends, I would have let her stay with me,” she said. told Paper magazine.

Davis, whose dream of becoming a filmmaker featured on the show, served as a consultant on Invent Annawhich she considers her big break.


Kacy Duke was one of the founders of Equinox, serving as the first fitness group manager for the exclusive gym.

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She even trained Laverne Cox, who portrayed Duke on the show.


Anna tried to reconnect with Kacy after she was released from prison, but Kacy didn’t have it.

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Anna wanted Kacy to appear in the docuseries she was filming, but Kacy refused, citing that she had already signed her contract with Netflix. Duke later learned that Anna had moved to the same neighborhood as her. When reporters began showing up in Duke’s lobby, she thought Anna had given them her address in an attempt to lure him out of her apartment.

“I said, ‘If she comes to me with a camera crew, I’m going to peel her…I don’t want to be responsible for what I do,'” Duke told Vanity Fair. “For months, every time I left the house, I felt so uncomfortable.”


While the Rachel Williams book option My friend Anna was picked up by Lena Dunham for development at HBO, the option has since expired and likely won’t be hitting screens anytime soon.

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Anna claimed in a series of Instagram stories that before Rachel got her book deal, she approached Anna to write a book together. Anna reportedly refused and Rachel ended up writing the book on her own. Anna even said she had the receipts to back up her claims.

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“BEFORE she epically embarrassed herself during my trial and BEFORE Netflix forever cemented their (very accurate) total image of Karen, her moral compass deemed it acceptable to suggest that we write a book together. continuing to press charges against me,” Anna wrote. “She really thought she could have it all, didn’t she?”


Anna’s attorney, Todd Spodek, later represented a juror in the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

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Scott David, who was chosen as a juror for the case, revealed he was sexually assaulted to fellow jurors during deliberation. This called into question his ability to be impartial during the sentencing process. He retained Spodek as his attorney while facing a possible perjury charge.


Anna Chlumsky’s portrayal of the reporter behind the story wasn’t the first time Jessica Pressler has been played on screen.

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Pressler’s 2015 New York article “The Hustlers At Scores” was made into a movie Hustlers in 2019. Julia Stiles played Elizabeth, a Pressler-based reporter, in the film.


Jessica Pressler hoped that her trip to Germany to investigate Anna’s home life would serve as the basis for a book about Anna.

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Nora Radford, played in the series by Kate Burton, is technically not a real person, but Anna stole the credit card information of someone she considered a mentor and charged over $40,000 on the map.


Alan Reed, the financial lawyer Anna hires while trying to get her loans approved, was based on Andrew Lance, who guided IRL Anna through the loan process.


Lance and Anna had a very close relationship and talked every day. In fact, Anna praised him to Pressler, saying “He knows how to talk to women. And he would explain the right amount to me, without being condescending. He was there all the time. He answered in the middle of the night, or when he was in the Turks and Caicos Islands for Christmas.”

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