German history teacher’s death linked to winner of local underground boxing fight

Lewis is a British crime drama set in Oxford, England. The main characters, the simple, kind-hearted Inspector Lewis and the intelligent Detective Sergeant Hathaway make each episode captivating and keep you guessing. Inspector Lewis was Morse’s sergeant in the original Inspector Morse series. Lewis and Hathaway make a great team and complement each other, their banter keeps the show engrossing and Hathaway’s intellect leaves you wanting more.

Still from ‘Lewis’

In this episode, a German history teacher is found murdered. Lewis and Hathaway investigate and find a connection to the recent winner of an underground boxing match. A tenuous link with his ex-boss Morse is also found.

This episode of Lewis airs on itv 3 on FilmOn TV tonight at 20:05 GMT. It can be watched afterwards or saved and watched later.

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