#ToyTech 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Monopoly

Monopoly is one of the oldest board games that everyone still plays continuously.

The game has its roots in World War II. According to Business Insider, the British Secret Service allegedly used Monopoly boxes to smuggle escape supplies to prisoners of war in Germany. The boxes contained metal files and real money. They also used silk escape cards because they made less noise than paper.

The game location was based on the location of places in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Some of them may not be around anymore, but the game caught everyone’s interest and was sold in 114 countries.

Although the game is based on actual locations in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Monopoly is truly an international phenomenon.

Since its release to the public in 1935, there is no denying the popularity of the Monopoly board game. Over 250 million copies of the Monopoly board game have been purchased. With that, let’s find out the facts about the game that are very rarely known to the general public.

Monopoly Facts

Monopoly was not created by Charles Darrow. It is well known that Darrow is the one who created the game since he was the one who presented the idea of ​​the game to the Parker Brothers.

According to MonopolyLand, the creator of the board game is a woman named Elizabeth Magie, who she originally called “Landlord’s Game.”

Although she circulated the game for a while, it was never fully caught on until Darrow claimed it and presented his own version to Parker Brothers.

Magie lives in the United States and created the game in 1903 as a method to criticize the monopolists of the time.

When the Mr. Monopoly character was first formed, he didn’t have a name. However, his appearance was based on that of JP Morgan.

It has been speculated that JP Morgan served as the inspiration for the Monopoly Man. At the time, he was the most powerful man in the land and he was instrumental in the creation of the United States Steel Corporation.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that he was given the moniker “Rich Uncle Pennybags,” and it wasn’t until much later that Hasbro gave him the official title of Mr. Monopoly.

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The record for the longest match ever played was 70 consecutive days. It takes a long time to play Monopoly, especially when using the official rules or common house rules.

These include sending all paid taxes to the free parking lot, where they can be collected, or not auctioning properties that are landed but not purchased during play.

The longest game ever played lasted over two months, totaling 1,680 hours. In 2008, a group of people from all over the world came together with the goal of setting a new record for the most people playing the game at the same time. The event took place in 22 venues, with 500 people attending in London alone.

The traditional board game has exploded in popularity around the world. The popularity of Monopoly is not limited to regions of North America and Europe.

According to Good Housekeeping, it’s a game that’s played all over the world and, by the most recent count, has been printed in 47 different languages.

The first time Charles Darrow tried to market the game, it was turned down by Parker Brothers because it contained 52 major flaws. Some of these errors were the length and complexity of the game. However, things changed in 1935, and since then the board game has provided many players with fun and entertainment throughout the game.

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