“Boost your knowledge”: 50 “facts” that are not true, shared by this Twitter account

Just because something is repeated over and over again on the internet or in the classroom doesn’t automatically make it true. New research helps constantly update our understanding of the world, but far from everyone gets the memo. And while some science enthusiasts keep up to date with the latest and greatest discoveries, others cling to old “facts” that may no longer be true.

The internet is full of ridiculous, bro-science “facts” that seem logical, but are anything but when you start digging a little deeper. And the Twitter account “Myth Vs Reality” helps debunk popular internet myths by contrasting them with the truth.

Scroll down for some myth vs. fact comparisons and let us know in the comments which one surprised you. Were there any myths that you took for fact? Are there any unmentioned myths that you think all Pandas should know about? Tell us everything in the comments.

bored panda had a conversation about science myths and facts with Steven Wooding, a fellow at the Institute of Physics in the UK, a member of the Omni Calculator team and creator of the Strange Unit Converter. He told us that in areas where our knowledge is lacking, we cannot immediately tell whether something is a lie or not. “Most people then default to thinking the myth is true because they think it’s too much of an effort to verify it,” he said.