Community celebrates German Heritage Festival on Saturday

Erie has hosted festivals celebrating culture throughout the summer and the latest community celebration is German Fest.

Attendees had a blast on Saturday afternoon as they stocked up on authentic German beer, for starters, as they strolled the festival grounds.

The 26th annual German Heritage Festival kicked off with a variety of food, music, dance, merchandise and of course beer.

The festival was organized by DANK Chapter 71 of Erie and Lake Erie Fanfare.

There was something for guests of all ages, and some people said they had been coming here for years.

“I come every year. This is the best thing they have for all of us Germans. We really come together and have a great time here at the German Festival,” said German Festival guest Alice Redwing.

We asked Redwing about some of his favorite activities at the festival.

“Well, I sit here and drink German beer and dance if I can with someone. That’s me, I’m pure German and I love it all,” Redwing added.

Another community member collects festival pins that he adds to his German cap.

“So I have a lapel pin for every thank you to my stepfather. It was he who started the tradition and I carried it out,” said Malin Pasik, guest of the German festival.

One guest we spoke with traveled from Ohio, but was a former resident of Erie, to visit German Fest.

“I’m currently from Twinsburg, Ohio. We come every year, it’s fabulous. It’s so much fun. Good food, good beer, lots to do for kids, adults, everything. It’s a good time, come down! German Festival, woo-whooo! said former Erie resident Monica Benedict.

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Cash funds raised at the event will go to the ANNA Shelter to support the work they do to help neglected animals in the community.