8 Crazy and Weird Facts About Cars You Shouldn’t Miss

Cars are dreamy; the cars are shiny. In addition to all nostalgia, cars are an integral part of our daily lives. But cars could also be crazy.

What do you know about crazy and weird facts about cars? One or two, maybe. We brought eight bizarre facts related to the history of cars.

Obviously, these amazing notions about cars may not make you an automotive expert. It’s always fun to know weird facts, isn’t it?

So jump on to learn the eight weird car facts you might never have known. We’ve curated this list just for you.

8 crazy and weird facts about cars

Before we get into the main list of crazy car facts, we have to ask you: have you ever filled your car’s system with flashing fluid?

If not, don’t bother going to the nearest auto shop and asking. Just search it on Google.

If you’re done, you must already know that flashing liquid is just a joke. And it is more commonly known as flashing liquid prank.

It’s not weird, but a fun fact that we thought you should know. Parents often pull this prank and children who have learned to drive fall for it.

Imagine the situation where you went to the auto parts store, asking for flashing liquid, only to find the shopkeepers laughing at you for being so innocent.

However, now let’s move on to the list where we have listed the unusual car facts:

1. The Fast and Furious Cops are in Dubai

No, not the movie, guys. But yes, Dubai cops have the fastest police cars in the world. Their fast cars include Audi R8, Lamborghini Aventador, etc.

Nevertheless, the Bugatti Veyron has the fastest wheels in its fleet, with a speed record of 253 mph at best!

Most of these supercars sizzle on the roads of Dubai’s coastal highways or are parked near malls in the emirate if they’re not on the hunt.

2. Whales fed automobiles until 1973

Although it was unfortunate for our great men in the ocean, whale oils were used to power the automatic transmission of cars until 1973. GM (General Motors) industrially hunted sperm whales to obtain oil.

It started after World War II and ended in 1973 when Congress passed a bill against that law, successfully bringing the whales under the Endangered Species Act.

3. 1 million euros: it’s the biggest fine for speeding of all time!

As exaggerated as it may seem, the Swiss police threw a speeding ticket in the face of a Swedish motorist in 2010. And the fine amounted to one million euros!

The offending car was a poor Mercedes SLS AMG which was going over 186mph, despite the local speed limit being around 75mph. This rogue driver drove it so fast the cops had to hunt him down after a third of a mile chase.

4. 3,000,000 million miles: the highest mileage recorded by a personal car

How long have you been driving in your driving life? A thousand, two or three thousand? Did you know that the highest mileage a personal car has driven in its lifetime was over 3 million miles?

Yes, it’s true! The 1966 Volvo 1880S, owned by Mr. Irving Gordon, was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for this breathtaking feat. Irvin said he literally drives a hundred thousand miles a year from New York, USA to Vancouver, Canada.

However, you may have heard of another car holding a mileage record of 2.85 million miles. This is a taxi that owner Gregorios Sachinidis drove for personal and business purposes.

5. A car can hold around 30,000 coins

Our next crazy fact about cars is how many parts an average car contains. No matter how a car looks, its parts and accessories are endless.

Counting down to the smallest parts like screws, nuts, bolts, etc., a car can carry at least thirty thousand parts.

Various manufacturers make all of these parts. However, the most important parts of a car are:

  • Oil
  • Air filter
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Battery

6. A blind man invented cruise control

It might blow your mind to know that the car’s speed control mechanism, cruise control, was invented by a man who lost his sight at age five!

Genius mechanical engineer Ralph Teetor designed the speed controller, which was patented in 1945. Previously, the device was called Touchomatic, Controlmatic, Speedostat or Pressomatic.

Much later than the patent itself, in 1958 Chrysler Imperial, Windsor and New Yorker car models began to adapt to cruise control technology.

seven. 150 million: the number of lines of code written for the Ford F150

Coding is not limited to computers and cell phones, as you know. Today, it addresses automotive manufacturing processes, from production to assembly procedures. This is why we find many better cars today than before.

And any high-tech car today works with a minimum of one hundred million lines of code. But the most lines of code a modern car has is the Ford F150, a whopping one hundred and fifty million lines of code!

8. 80 million: the number of cars produced in the world

According to a July 2022 Statista report, global car production reached nearly eighty million in 2021. That’s a three percent increase from the year 2020.

The largest car manufacturing countries who made it possible include Germany, Japan and China.

What do you think?

We hope our interesting list of crazy car facts was fun, if not confusing, for you to read. At least you know the talent, the planning, the effort and the finances needed to make cars one of the dominant industrial products in the world.

These eight crazy and weird facts are among the many car incidents and stories. Whether you are a petrolhead or not, you can always share these facts with your buddies for fun.

Do you have any other interesting and weird car facts up your sleeves? So share them with us to add more fun.