Did You Know These Shocking Facts About Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer?

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Netflix released its latest true crime series this Wednesday. Title Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, this is a 10-part account of one of modern history’s most notorious serial killers, Jeffery Dahmer. american horror story and x-men Star Evan Peters stars as the man the media has called Milwaukee’s cannibal. So for today’s Now You Know podcast, we’re looking at some of the lesser known facts about the deranged killer.

  1. In most stories about serial killers, it is often said that serial killers tend to feel the urge to harm and kill animals at a young age. Jeffrey Dahmer exhibited this trait even as a teenager and supposedly had a collection of dead animals and bones.
  2. Dahmer killed his first human victim in 1978, immediately after graduating from high school. He picked up a local hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and took him back to his cabin with the promise of booze. But when Hick decided to leave, Dahmer attacked him and strangled him to death. He would go on to kill 17 people in total.
  3. Dahmer started drinking at an early age, while still in school. In fact, his alcoholism would cost him his place at Ohio State University where he intended to pursue a degree in business management.
  4. He would later enlist in the US Army and train in San Antonio, Texas to become a combat medic. He served in West Germany during the Cold War, but was discharged due to drug addiction issues.
  5. It was not until 1987 that Dahmer embarked on a killing spree that continued until his arrest in 1991. After killing his second victim, Steven Walter Tuomi, at the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee in 87′, Dahmer ceased to repress his urge to kill.
  6. Dahmer’s most heinous act was called the “drilling technique.” He drilled holes in the victim’s skull to inject hydrochloric acid into the brain. He believed it would keep them alive in a catatonic state. Dahmer first performed the gruesome act in 1991 on 19-year-old Errol Lindsey. He would continue this with all of his subsequent victims.

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